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Seeking an Advisory Board of Directors

The Regional Youth Roundtable is seeking the expertise of an Advisory Board of Directors.

The Advisory Board of Directors (aBOD) is a group of professionals over the age of 18 that have experience in the non-profit field, and can provide feedback to the vision and goals of the RYR. Members of the aBOD are important resources to the RYR, and also serve a key role in connecting the RYR to the broader community, and act as mentors to the core team.

The RYR is seeking five (5) new Directors for the aBOD. The term is two (2) years, beginning in October 2014 and ending in October 2016. The commitment for aBOD Directors is quarterly in-person meetings in the Peel Region: October, January, April, and July. Additionally, aBOD Directors will be required to keep in electronic contact with the RYR core team, and provide strategic assistance where needed.

Applicants are required to fill out the following Google Form, and email a copy of their resume to peel@youthroundtable.ca. The deadline for applications is September 15th, 2014. Any questions regarding the process should be directed to peel@youthroundtable.ca. Successful applicants will be notified on a rolling basis.