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On Friday January 30th, 2015, the Regional Youth Roundtable held its second community consultation, focused on bringing youth from all over Peel together to discuss issues concerning youth that identify with the LGBTQ community. The consultation was the fruit of a month of planning by Operations Officer, Veronica Tang, and her Consultations Team. The consultation had around 40 attendees, including youth from the LGBTQ community, youth representing various youth-led organizations in Peel (MYFF, INK Movement, MAC Limelight), and speakers representing Proud Politics and the Peel Board.

The consultation allowed general youth and LGBTQ youth to get to know each other and share their views on common issues concerning youth in Peel Region. Feedback from the participants revealed that they learned a lot from the adult speakers: “listening to speakers like Kathleen Freeman, it really changed the way I perceive the LGBTQ spectrum and hearing from real life experiences from the councillor was very insightful.” The youth also enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions to learn more about topics that are generally considered “taboo” and hard to discuss openly. Inclusion was widely discussed, and participants believe that LGBTQ involvement in the community can be increased if simple measures were taken to promote inclusion, such as reducing casual use of derogatory terms and establishing “safe spaces” that welcome youth of all sexual orientations.

Don’t forget to take a look at the video below, in which an inspiring interview was held with members of the LGBT community.