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Empowering youth social innovators and activists through leadership, education, and creativity. Educate, Empower, Inspire

Peel Environmental Youth Alliance (PEYA)

PEYA is a youth-initiated and regional network of over 700 action-oriented students in Peel concerned about environmental issues and supported by Ecosource.

Ink Movement

Ink Movement is a youth-led non-profit that promotes creative expression, literacy, and community involvement through the arts. It publishes an annual Mississauga Youth Anthology allowing youth to showcase their work and hosts several events and workshops, such as the Project Inkwell conference.

Mississauga Youth Advisory Committee (MYAC)

MYAC is a youth-led organization affiliated with the City of Mississauga. It strives to connect youth in Peel Region and provide several ways for youth to gain access to exclusive volunteering, networking, and leadership opportunities.

Volunteering Peel

Volunteering Peel is a youth-run, non-profit organization that acts as the liaison between high school students and volunteer opportunities.

Brampton Multicultural Youth Council (BMYC)

BMYC is a youth-run organization striving to unite the community in order to celebrate diversity and, in the process, help make a difference. BMYC hopes to educate the public on the ethical issues that concern youth today and help bridge the cultural gap between generations.

Shoes to End Poverty (STEP)

Grassroots non-profit & youth-run organization, working to end poverty & inspire social entrepreneurship one STEP at a time.

Mississauga City Youth Council (MiCYC)

The Mississauga City Youth Council provides young people in Mississauga with a hands-on learning opportunity to learn more about politics, reach out into their community, and influence how their city works.

Peel Red Cross Youth Action Group (Peel RCYAG)

The Canadian Red Cross Youth Action Group is a youth-run organization, existing within the Canadian Red Cross Region of Peel branch. YAG aims to raise awareness and fund raise for issues of importance. The membership is entirely comprised of high school and university/college students.

Peel Student Presidents' Council (PSPC)

The PSPC is a youth-led organization that promotes student leadership within secondary school students in the Peel District School Board through meetings and various initiatives. The organization works in harmony with the Peel District School Board to provide skill-building and networking opportunities for student members.

Multiple Sclerosis Youth Committee

The MS Youth Committee is a student-run organization that advocates for awareness of multiple sclerosis in the youth populace.

UTM Student Union

The organization that represents all undergraduate students registered at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Brampton Mayor's Youth Team (BMYT)

The BMYT is a dynamic group of youth volunteers that strive to provide leadership, recognition, and action helping youth to become responsible and active citizens. They promote involvement in the city through development, operation, and participation in youth-friendly initiatives.

AIM Mississauga

AIM stands for Aspire, Innovate, Motivate. AIM strives to bring out leadership skills in students and helping them attain the required 40 hours of community service. AIM holds meetings every 1st and 3rd week of the month, during which it expands its network with peers, works on social and leadership skills, as well as creates events in the community.

Girls Empowerment Movement (GEM)

The Girls Empowerment Movement aims to provide girls in the Peel Region with mentorship, leadership and empowerment opportunities.

Limelight: Association of Young Artists

Limelight is an umbrella for artists of all disciplines under the age of 30 in Mississauga. Limelight encourages, empowers and provides exposure for artistically talented youth. It nurtures a creative culture in youth.

Impact Tomorrow

Impact Tomorrow is a youth-led organization that helps to promote entrepreneurship in the Greater Toronto Area. Impact Tomorrow hopes to bring youth together through conferences, events and contests, to inspire them to become entrepreneurs.

Target Alpha Stock Trading Competition

Target Alpha strives to lead the revolution in secondary school student’s financial education. The team has launched specially-designed investment clubs throughout high schools in the GTA and will enlist these groups in an inter-school stock trading competition (school against school).

Key Club Mississauga

Key Club Mississauga is part of the international organization Key Club International. Its aim is to develop leadership and build character through community service and outreach. Key Club provides its members with various opportunities that make community service both rewarding and enjoyable.

Empower Youth Vision

Empower Youth Vision was founded as a way to give back to the youth community and have a successful future. Its mission is to provide youth with a sturdy foundation today so they can be bright future leaders tomorrow. Empower Youth Vision offers: seminars, workshops, fun events, social media groups, and volunteer opportunities.

The Mississauga Youth Film Festival (MYFF)

The MYFF is a youth-led event that is apart of the National Youth Arts Week and Mississauga REBEL programmings. MYFF provide's a platform for the youth of Mississauga to showcase their talents in the art of film production. MYFF helps filmmakers succeed through connecting them with professionals in the field and creating workshops.

Minga Global

Minga Global aims to combine the charitable efforts made by youth all across the world by providing a platform of youth advocacy. We connect the Minga councils to amplify their positive effects and strengthen international and local relationships within young leaders. Unity in the Global Community.

Youth Project Council (YPC)

The YPC is a non-profit organization with a purpose of reaching out to the community with opportunities to get involved in important causes which provide aid to those in need.

Peel's Youth Engagement Society (Peel's YES)

Peel's YES strives to provide youth with experiences and opportunities to further engage them within their community. Not only does YES fundraise and volunteer with various foundations, but members have a chance to express their perspectives on important global issues while socializing with other youth who have similar interests.

Aspiring Youth

Aspiring Youth is an organization that was entirely founded, planned and executed by students. Our goal is to prove that youth aren't just the leaders of tomorrow, but also the leaders of today. We are working towards unlocking the potential of every student through various initiatives and programs.


Peel's Kickass Code Community

Cipher is a code-oriented community in the Peel Region aiming to introduce and develop programming literacy in high schoolers.


Integrating people with technology.

Connect. Empower. Inspire.
We educate youth on technology and guide them to succeed in the modern technological environment.

Youth for Humanity

Youth for Humanity is a youth-led, non-for-profit organization which holds that involvement is the driving force behind affecting change in Canadian communities. Fostering the attitude of thinking globally and acting locally, we run workshops for and give project guidance to aspiring young Canadian leaders of community action from different academic, social, racial, religious and cultural backgrounds to raise advocate and take action for local and global humanitarian issues.

Campus Vibez

Campus Vibez helps high school students with their post-secondary decision making and transition through educational technology.


NoteSavvy is an online student-based platform aimed towards the success of High School students. NoteSavvy allows students to able to access the latest course notes, exams and online studying tools to help them ace their courses.

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