Welcome to the Regional Youth Roundtable.

Igniting youth-led organizations in Peel.

Youth-Led Organizations in Peel invited to Join the RYR

Creating a change by bringing together all youth-led organizations of Peel Region

Are you a leader of a youth-led organization that is in need of resources, help, or support? Are you interested in coming together with other organizations in Peel Region to interact, learn from one another, and work together on making a difference in our community? Are you seeking a way to raise awareness about your organization’s issue and to increase promotion of your organization?

Trying to make a change in the world as a teenager is definitely no piece of cake, but have no fear: RYR IS HERE!

RYR is a non-profit organization with hopes of bringing together youth organizations, alleviating pressures facing minority groups, sharing one another’s experiences and advice, and collectively taking action on issues in our community. RYR is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and supported by ACCESS. RYR wants to show you their support and help make all their member organizations grow and reach their full potential thanks to collaboration, conference-style meetings, and events.

There’s no need to remain alone, when we have our Roundtable to bring us together!

Membership Benefits

  • Create strong relationships among different organizations in Peel Region
  • Increase popularity & outreach of your organization
  • Access resources from other organizations to help with your structure, marketing, and sustainability
  • Receive support and help from our Roundtable’s Executive Team as well as from other organizations
  • Learn interesting tips and advice to help your organization grow
  • RYR will help raise awareness about your organization’s issue through consultations, social media, videos, and events.
  • Networking opportunities

If your organization is not already a member of the Roundtable but would like to join, please fill out the form below and receive updates from peelcomm@youthroundtable.ca.

Join the Roundtable today, see the difference tomorrow!