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Apply for Community Consultations or Media Relations Teams

We are currently looking for passionate, motivated youth to join our Community Consultations Team and Media Relations Team. All applications are due on September 20th at midnight. Successful applicants will be notified through email in mid-September.

Recruiting Teams

The Regional Youth Roundtable (RYR) is a non-profit organization funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and supported by ACCESS. The goal of the Roundtable is to alleviate pressures facing minority youth groups (i.e. LGBTQ youth, special needs youth, racialized youth) by creating a collaborative impact through prominent youth-led organizations in the Peel region. The Roundtable also aims to act as a platform for the sharing of ideas and initiatives between youth-led organizations, ensuring said organizations are reaching their full potential and mandate.

Community Consultations Team

The Community Consultations Team will be responsible for planning and leading consultations between general youth, minority youth, and youth from member youth-led organizations. The goal of the consultations is to allow those involved to have their voices heard through active, focused discussions about important issues affecting youth in the area, and strive to find solutions. All team members must be highly committed and dedicated to the Roundtable and are responsible for attending meetings and consultations during the upcoming 2014-2015 year.

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Positions and descriptions are listed below:

Project Manager

  • make decisions regarding all aspects of consultations with RYR Operations Officer
  • be prepared to lead consultations in case RYR Operations Officer is not present
  • help prepare agenda for consultations

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Consultations Coordinator

  • contact different parties to participate in consultations
  • create contact list
  • contact and coordinate venues for consultations
  • make sure goals of consultation are met

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  • record items discussed at meetings and during consultations (meeting minutes)
  • organize minutes and send to members as recap
  • organize volunteer hours
  • send reminders to all participants to confirm attendance at consultations

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Media Relations Team

The Media Relations team will be responsible for planning, executing, and creating media projects that align with the goals of the RYR. As part of the team you will be involved with the production of a social video series project as a campaign to aid and alleviate the pressures of minority youth groups through public awareness. Team members must be highly committed to the Roundtable and be able to attend various events and meetings in the upcoming 2014/2015 year. Please see position descriptions listed below:

Director of Photography/Cinematographer

  • Handle all camera operations and be responsible for filming
  • Co-ordinate lighting, media, filming, etc.
  • Bring to life the vision of the Creative Director and the rest of the team
  • Must be available onsite for filming at various locations

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Creative Director

  • Control the artistic direction of video
  • Ensure creation of a high quality product
  • Oversee functions from pre to post production to ensure alignment with RYR principles
  • Aid the DoP in filming as necessary
  • Must be available onsite for filming at various locations

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Chief Film Editor

  • Assemble recorded material into a finished product suitable for broadcast
  • Compile video, sound, and visual effects together to create final product
  • Capture the director’s vision and make revisions as requested

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For all positions above, please apply using our online form:

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