Welcome to the Regional Youth Roundtable.

Igniting youth-led organizations in Peel.

Welcome to the RYR!

With a high turnover rate and a lack of full-time staff, the secondary and post-secondary students that are looking to make a difference in the Peel Region are often faced with many challenges when running an organization. From increasing outreach to supporting their operations financially, this is a lot of pressure to put on full-time students.

The Regional Youth Roundtable was created to foster collaboration between youth-led organizations throughout the Peel Region, amplifying their efforts and making a lasting impact on youth. We now serve more than 20 youth-led organizations that represent a variety of interests and geographic locations. Organizations like Mississauga’s Youth Advisory Committee and the Brampton Mayor’s Youth Team focus on civic engagement, while the Mississauga Youth Film Festival and Ink Movement support the artistic endeavours of youth.

In our inaugural year, we aim to support three marginalized youth groups (LGBTQ, newcomer, and special needs) in becoming more involved in their communities. This will be accomplished through community consultations to get their perspectives, and a media campaign to raise awareness. With the help of our member organizations, we can address all obstacles that these youth face in volunteering and participating in leadership activities.

Our vision is to have all youth-led organizations working in harmony, engaging as many youth as possible in their activities. We plan to create a Charter that youth-led organizations will support, which ensures that no opportunity will be inaccessible to youth that are looking to achieve them.

To ensure member organizations are on the same page, we are excited to develop a co-working platform called Torch. The system will allow member organizations to excel using an advanced database on funding, community partners, and resources, and also collaborate with each other through Torch forums and a unified calendar.

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