Welcome to the Regional Youth Roundtable.

Igniting youth-led organizations in Peel.

Welcoming Torch!

The Regional Youth Roundtable (RYR) is excited to announce the launch of Torch, a platform designed to connect all youth-led organizations in the region of Peel. This innovative system allows the RYR’s member organizations to excel in growth by utilizing advanced databases, interacting with community partners and accessing resources. Through the platform, organizations in the region have the opportunity to collaborate using forums and a unified calendar.

Logging into Torch, the landing page consists of a feed that presents all of the newest information uploaded to the platform – from calendar events to resources. Youth-led organizations have the opportunity to use the platform in a variety of ways, positively contributing to the development of the structure of their organizations. As well, members have the ability to upload or respond to requests, promote their events to the general public by adding them to the community calendar and finally upload or download resources (documents, links, and important contact information).

The RYR has high hopes for the future of Torch, which will allow Peel Region’s youth-led organizations to easily interact and collaborate to create a better future for youth. Thanks to Torch, the Roundtable hopes to prove that, although each organization’s initiatives hold great value, they can inspire one another to grow, become even stronger and create significant value in the community by working collaboratively.

To visit the brand-new Torch website, please click here or head to myTorch.ca.